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Consulting Services

  • Are long lines between games taking away from the experience of a day at the ballpark?
  • Are the kitchen and menu designed for speed, efficiency and easy maintenance?
  • Does the concession manager have the administrative “tools” to increase profits and sales?

The game of softball has changed in the last twenty years. Equipment, tactics, the division of players, etc., have all contributed to a different way of managing the business. Why shouldn’t the food and beverage (f/b) operation be included? Profitable Food Facilities can make that happen.

We supply the tools and training to boost sales and discover the profits you never thought existed.

Whether you are looking to “right size” the kitchen or rethink the menu, don’t underestimate the power of planning and know-how. PFF has been helping owners and managers make money in f/b operations for over eighteen years. Let us put you on our list of satisfied clients.


Why Choose Us

      • Proven leader in the food and beverage industry
      • Experts in food service management
      • Team of professionals specializing in project and construction management
      • Engineered profitability and a proven track record of success
      • Provide specific action plans and timelines tailored to your facility
      • Follow-up programs to further achieve your goals and desired results.

What Clients Say

Our staff quickly recognized that you bring a broad range of experience and can apply it specifically to our type of business.
Pete Spanos - CEO, Vetta Sports Clubs

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